These events are relatively gore-free. If you want blood, guts and ghosts, head to our Halloween Events article.


Seoul Fashion Week SS13

The biannual Seoul Fashion Week is still on and it seems like there are still a few tickets up for grabs for certain shows. Check our post for the timetable and ticket links. You’ll most likely need some Korean help to purchase if your language skills aren’t up to scratch.


Debonair at Venue

Debonair is an exhibition by photographer Austin Vinas, smushed together with Southern Sons cocktails at Venue, Itaewon. There’s even a free custom drink from the specially prepared menu for those who come early at 8:30pm. Sojulab’s finest DJ, IllSmith, will be spinning and the event is totally free. Here’s .


Future Music Project

The third installment of this is coming, promoting music that’s rare to find in Seoul. We interviewed Multi’s Sam Swanson and Sebastien Rousset about founding the event just ahead of the last party. Read the interview and enjoy the bass, juke, garage, 2 step, ballroom, disco, house and more the boys have planned for you this weekend.

Seoul Streetz

Freebird is hosting the hip hop night this Friday, followed by a Super Rookie band concert. For underground rap that’s rare to find in Korea, head to Hongdae for 11pm to witness performances by both expat and Korean artists.


Linus’ Bama Style BBQ Pop-up

Linus’ Southern American BBQ is baaaack at Ways of Seeing. He wants to smother your face in pork before you get crunk drunk at some Halloween party, which sounds like a fabulous start to any Saturday night. Bring manwon in cash and pig out: you need to line your stomach with something substantial before all that trick or treating. Here’s the .

Retro Halloween Party

Instead of dressing up like a goblin why not embrace your inner Kurt Cobain and swing it grunge style this Halloween? are taking us back to our teenage years (well, some of us) and are throwing a 90′s fancy dress party at Mixture in Itaewon. This will be a refreshing change for those of you not into slutting it out on Halloween in a bunny costume and fishnets. Instead you can make like Britney Spears and wear a crop top and jeans instead(!)

Busan Fireworks Festival

The magnificent annual display at Busan Fireworks Festival is worth trekking down south of the country for. Mixed in with beachside Halloween vibes, we can’t think of anywhere else we’d rather be this weekend. Except for Seoul, of course.


Seoul Vegan Pot Luck

It’s time for another vegan get-together in Seoul; for herbivores and carnivores alike. This time the monthly healthy food fest is at Casablancas in Haebangchon. Bring a meat-free brunch dish and share your meal with others from 11am. Join the to keep up-to-date.

Images: Featured image by Jorge Toro of My Seoul Photography, poster from Multi Seoul.

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