If the 48 Hour Film Festival screenings have you in short film mode, here’s one to check out. It’s from filmmaker Kevin Lambert, currently living, working and making films in Seoul, South Korea.

In The View from Here, we learn about Ray and Isabel, an expat couple living in Seoul, who find themselves disenchanted with their two-year relationship. “They love each other, but there’s a lot keeping them from truly loving each other; which is what I think is going to be understood by many people in relationships as an ugly truth,” says Lambert. To rekindle the flames they go to a beachfront pension hoping some sand and surf will do just that, only to find that all they get is mud.

The short was filmed at a beachfront pension in Incheon in the summer, which was also where the inspiration for the film came from. Lambert and some friends discovered that their beachfront lodging was actually mud-front lodging. “It’s a contested place set to be developed but it’s also a place where birds stop during their migration. We had to schedule our shoot using a tidal calendar.”

Lambert’s risky proposal is to release the film online freely, against the recommendation of festival regulars. “I’ve been told to wait if I’m going to consider festivals, but that’s not the point. This was always intended to show what we can do. It was to test the waters, so to speak. I just want people to see it.”

The film is about intimacy, and Lambert’s hope is that the viewer will want to share that experience. Basing the Indiegogo fund around this, the production asks viewers to host their own screening parties. “All we ask is, if you like it; share it.” He explains, “If people want to help, just screen the film and leave a computer open to the Indiegogo page. Groups of four or more will receive free promo material to give to donors and/or viewers, while groups of ten or more will get a Skype call from Kevin himself. “Ask me anything,” he suggests.

The funding for the film will be used to expand and shoot the story as a feature this winter. When asked why winter was to play an important role, “(it) has always been about winter. The cold is perfect for a couple cold in the sack… but they’re still easy to relate to, because their problems are real… (Viewers) will want to see more. Even for people who aren’t in love, it speaks a greater truth about what we’re dealing with as modern people; the problems that tear Ray and Isabel apart are problems that we carry into relationships from single life behavior. It’s about our baggage, and what happens when it gets the best of us.”

The View from Here will premiere on Thursday, November 8th at Moon Night in Itaewon at 8pm. A second screening will be held at Bar Carmen in Kyungridan (Noksapyeong Exit 2) on Saturday the 10th at 9pm.

The film will be available for free download Friday, November 9th. To host a viewing party visit the official Facebook page.

To support the feature, visit The View From Here‘s Indiegogo page at http://indiegogo.com/viewfromhere.

Written by Heather Yzaguirre

Images courtesy of A View From Here

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