Matt Ferguson is an artist who favours the field of illustration. Having lived in Korea since December 2010 he’s heading to Sapporo soon, so we jumped at the chance to display some of the work he has created and exhibited while living in Masan, near Busan.

A graduate from Kingston University, Matt received a BA in Illustration in 2009 and since then has had work published in Europe and Asia, including editorial pieces in magazines and designs for posters and advertising. His published work can currently be seen in Daegu-based art magazine [B]racket.

Matt’s favours a bold, minimal style, as you can see from his work. He tends to choose two or three colours – usually complementary to each other – and spends a lot of time refining and minimizing the results. For personal projects he prefers documentary style ‘reportage illustrating’, covering architectural drawings and observational drawings of local culture. He also gleans inspiration from music and pop culture.

The artist’s latest exhibition is a set of hip hop-themed work (including other artists) which opened just last week at PNU Busan’s Dazzle Cafe. The art below, ‘RZA’ and ‘Afrika Bambaataa’, are two pieces Matt is showing.

Find out more about Matt in this recent Aweh interview with him or on his blog. You can also buy his work from his online shop or commission him through email on .