The ever-popular old-school sweatfest that is SHINDIG is back for its 10th installment this weekend at basement venue Myoungwolgwan. Since it’s also the two-year anniversary party, we asked creators and DJs Jerry and Mikey to choose their favourite shots from each crazy SHINDIG dance party so far.

SHINDIG vol. 1

Mikey: We didn’t know exactly what to expect, or even if anyone would show up. Despite the cold and the rain, it was amazing to see how many people packed the dancefloor.

SHINDIG vol. 2

Jerry: Mikey and I were amazed by the turn out and outpouring of emotions. This music makes people sing, dance and feel good. Courtney Cheatham snapped some amazing shots.


Mikey: By this point, we were pretty aware of which songs were the well-known “bangers”, and we started to get a little more adventurous in our selections. The crowd dug it!


Jerry: It was Don Kass’ birthday and it was a spirited crowd to say the least.


Mikey: I left for America to get married, and while I was out, I missed an amazing party. Jerry helped everyone get rowdy and sweaty without me.

SHINDIG vol. 6

Jerry: Mikey did a bang up solo job without me while I was in the republic of Georgia. Wonny Bunny Kim (above) took great crowd shots as well.


Mikey: I was glad to see that despite our hiatus last winter, we still had a ton of familiar faces show up to Shindig. And a bonus, a whole lot of new faces!

SHINDIG vol. 8

Jerry: Shirts came off, 90′s hip hop happened at 430 without rhyme or reason. Maybe the wildest SHINDIG so far.


Mikey: This party got a huge boost from the R.O.K.D. (Republic of Korea Derby) girls, who came out dressed to the nines for one of their birthdays.

Motown, surf rock and psych party SHINDIG’s 2 year anniversary is at Club Myoungwolgwan this Saturday December 15th. Entry is 8000 plus a free drink. Here’s the .

Photography by Wonny Bunny Kim and Courtney Cheatham.

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