What better way to celebrate 2013 than following a bike – with speakers attached to it  - blasting Michael Jackson and dubstep on the streets of Seoul? Bike Party Seoul makes that awesomeness happen. Chances are you’ve probably seen the stickers popping up on lamp posts or bathroom stalls if you’re a Hongdae or Itaewon socialite. But what is it exactly?

Bike Party Seoul falls on the first Saturday of the month. It was created by bike enthusiasts and is run by dedicated volunteers who plan the different routes, fun themes and choose the venues to dance and socialize at during the in-between stops. BPS encourages everyone to come and join the movement and to make a presence for riders on the road.

If you saw a girl wearing heels last night biking down the streets of Seoul, that was most likely me. Although my ass is sore and I almost fell down three (okay maybe eight) times, Bike Party Seoul is officially on my top 5 favorite things I’ve done in the ROK.”

I promise the facebook status written above, which was posted the morning after the last Bike Party, isn’t an exaggeration. Bike Party Seoul is a damn good time and if you’re in the ROK you definitely should make it one of your next adventures. Keep in mind that I am not a cyclist by any means. I came to the event, knowing I was going to ride a bike, wearing heels and a wide naïve smile. The last time I rode a bike was via a rental in Paris a year ago just so I could get an instagram shot with a baguette in the little basket while the Eiffel Tower just so happened to be hanging in the backdrop. To be perfectly honest, I’m not even an athlete. The thought of putting running shoes on for a day at the gym is 100% non existent. I’m the type of girl who enjoys light competition over a friendly game of kai bai bo or Connect 4 and thinks my exercise is done for the day after climbing up a couple flights of stairs.

My point is that even if you’re not training for a marathon or can’t name one Olympic gold medalist, Bike Party should be one of the first events penciled into your 2013 agenda. Especially if you’re a fan of any of the following: biking, music, dancing, drinking, socializing, meeting Koreans or foreigners, themed parties, night adventures, and discovering Seoul. While I was riding my bike alongside the Han River with dozens of riders in front of me and behind me, music flowing in the background, I couldn’t help but feel completely liberated and connected with Korea more than I’ve ever been. I thought it was just going to be another cool event to try out, but now it’s something I can say I’ll probably do every month. Sans my heels, of course.

Don’t have a bike? Go ahead and skip over to Yeouido Park near the flagpole for an overnight bike rental for 15,000w. (10am drop off.)

Words and images by . Other images by Bike Party Seoul.

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