This weekend is a big one for 360 Sounds, one of Korea’s longest-established DJ collectives. Running for over 7 years and still going strong (), you can catch at least one 360 Sounds member DJing at some of Seoul’s coolest clubs on a regular basis. 

360 Sounds

This coming Saturday night 360 Sounds founders DJ Soulscape, DJ Jinmoo, DJ Plastic Kid, along with members DJ YTst, MC Make-1, Andow, Drum Song, Jazzy IVY and photographer Nak are celebrating a massive 40th edition of their parties.

Styled as more than just party-starters, the 360 Sounds crew encourage an alternative scene of enjoyment underpinned by the most important aspect of club culture – music. But it’s not like they’re averse to other parts of pop culture. According to 360 Sounds they have, “an important goal: providing events that bring artists, people, and different urban cultures together, such as photography, graphics, exhibitions, graffiti, B- boying, skateboarding, fashion. 360 Sounds wants to create the atmosphere of the old cultural festivals of creativity. Of course, music and DJs are a necessary part of these events.”

This has earned them a huge following in Seoul, likely bolstered by the fact that this crew seem to have a finger in every proverbial creative pie. As well as their popular club nights they own an offline shop, a video channel, and an online radio station.

360Radiostation : Som Serious Podcast 05 (Guest : Jinbo) by 360sounds on Mixcloud

Along with the party, 360 Sounds are also holding a ‘Record Store Day’ at their Bangbae shop, RM.360, with limited edition products in honour of the 40th party and a record sale. With DJs such as Soulscape (an artist “Deeply influenced by 80s hip-hop” according to The Creators Project) at the helm of 360, you’ll find a sweet selection of music to buy at the store and even more so to dance to on the night.

Record Store Day runs from 1pm – 8pm at the Bangbae shop. The 40th party at Cakeshop goes from 10pm – 5am. Sign up to the for updates or check the 360 Sounds website.