Blogger, writer, artist and Korean language-learner Sarah Shaw is a woman of many talents and projects. Her latest initiative is documenting a distinctive mode of learning that helps her with studying Korean:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA눈이 높다 [noon-ee nop-da]. This Korean expression literally means “for [one’s] eyes to be high,” but it really means, “to be picky.” 

jeot-ga-rak젓가락 [jeot-ga-rak] Korean for “chopstick” and 숟가락 [su-ga-rak] Korean for “spoon”

bal-lae reul ha-da 빨래를 하다, [bal-lae (reul) ha-da] is Korean for “to do laundry” 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 반씩 내다 [ban-sshik nae-da] is Korean for “to pay fifty-fifty (percent)” or more naturally “to go Dutch” 

Sarah publishes her drawings on her Mapping Words:  - check it out to see more of her linguistically-inspired art. You can also get involved in Sarah’s project; she is actively seeking language sketch submissions and is also searching for ‘Travelers with Sketchbooks’ for a series on her blog featuring artists and their explorations. Here’s an example Sarah has previously published, from artist Candace Rose Rardon. Email her on to submit.

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Images courtesy of Sarah Shaw
Words by Loren Cotter

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