Since Easter has just about passed and the lack of chocolate and fluffy bunnies here in Korea is astounding, we thought we’d give you a big dose of sugary cuteness in the form of these cat photos. All the shots were taken at Tom’s Cat Cafe in Hongdae, one of the best feline-petting venues in the area – it’s where we took Japandroids for our Shot of Soju video interview recently.

Fatty LewisThe BeastPrecious Penelope

Serious CedricLoose LaceyTiggerConstanceProfessor BiddingtonMr. TicklesMisty

Tom’s Cat is located in Hongdae, near the park playground (opposite Artbox). The address in Korean is 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-125 3층. Entry fee is the cost of a drink around the W7000 mark. 

Photography by Tom Krawczyk

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