Until the end of summer: Take a trip to Yangyang

My all-time favorite area of Korea is Yangyang, a beachside county with a burgeoning surf culture. Let this Used Cassettes video inspire you to head there and catch some waves. 

Until Sept. 14: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs

Check out the most iconic, newsworthy photographs in the world, which are so highly esteemed that they nabbed a prestigious Pulitzer Prize. 12,000 won for adults. 

Until Oct. 12: Edvard Munch and the Modern Soul

The largest retrospective of “The Scream” painter, Edvard Munch, to ever hit Korea is at Seoul Art Center’s Hangaram Art Museum. The exhibit includes Munch’s lithographs and original paintings from the Munch Museum. 15,000 won for adults. 

Until Sept. 17: The Great Artists: From Renoir to Damien Hirst

SAC has curated a trip through the most famous artists of the 20th century, from Renoir to Hirst. Dali, Picasso and Matisse all make an appearance, too, as well as plenty of other greats.  


July 19: Mudfest

Needs no explanation, but here’s our 10 do’s and don’ts  for the messy festival that happens down south

July 19: Vol. 8 of V.O.G.U.E

No doubt the coolest LGBT-friendly party in Seoul. Vol. 8, as usual, is at the inimitable Cakeshop. .

July 19: Round Robin

. The gig features some stellar artists, but it’s main draw is the concept — the bands encircle the room with the audience in the middle and play one song at a time until the concert ends. 20,000 won in advance. 

July 23: Darkside Live in Seoul

Darkside is guitarist Dave Harrington and electronic producer Nicolas Jaar, two musicians with vastly different backgrounds who created their project while touring together. . 


August 14 to 15: Super!Sonic Korea

Super!Sonic Korea music festival always includes an excellent lineup, and this year should be no different — Phoenix and Queen (with Adam Lambert) have been announced to play so far. Tickets are not yet for sale, but when they are they’ll be available on Interpark

August 15 to 16: AIA Real Life: Now Festival

Lady Gaga is teaming up with YG Entertainment artists this summer, including 2NE1, Big Bang and Psy, for a music festival. Tickets go on sale April 21. 

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Words by Loren. Follow us on Twitter  for tweets about events and culture in Korea.