Busan Band Bonanza 1 & 2

This and local alt-rockers Table People and Les Sales will host three Korean bands from Busan. , and 3volt are the toast of the town down south but rarely make it up to Seoul. Make sure you get out to Hongdae to show them a good time.

Alex M.O.R.P.H 

this weekend. His vocalist, Natalie Gioia, is joining him. Head to the venue before 11pm for 10,000 won entry. 


Adult Material Launch Party

This orgy of underground music is launching just in time to soothe your V-Day hangovers. Dance Saturday night away to DJs such as Ligrye and Rou Set at Venue in Itaewon. Starts at 10pm; finishes when u r drunk. . FREE ENTRY. 

adult material

Yuppie Killer LP Launch

Listening to Yuppie Killer takes me back to the days at school when I pretended to like rawwwwwwwk because, well, everyone else did (I feel old). The band recently got a nod on Vice’s Noisey website for their homage to Rob Ford, and they’re releasing their EP this weekend at AA Studios. .

Big Phony Presents “Long Live The Lie” and “Bobby” Release Party

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Big Phony aka Bobby Choi’s album , a forward-thinking arts venue in Jongno. The acoustic singer’s newest tracks have a gorgeous, ’80s-infused spin — listen to the preview album on SoundCloud. Big Phony is one of the artists representing Korea at SXSW this year. 

Shindig’s Third Anniversary

Expect a lot of bumpin’ and grindin’ at . Myoungwolgwan is the venue; 8,000 won is the entry price; rock ‘n’ roll, motown, surf rock and soul is the music to expect.



Mogwai and Daughter Live in Seoul

We’re still hosting a giveaway for Mogwai and Daughter’s gig this weekend at Uniqlo AX Hall in eastern Seoul, but you don’t have much time to enter so go go go.

Check out our Seoul Events in 2014 post for some stuff that’s further afield, and leave us a comment if you feel like we’ve missed anything awesome out. 

Words by Loren