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Unusual Finds: Masan's Half Wing Book Cafe

Unusual Finds: Masan’s Half Wing Book Cafe

Masan city isn’t a name that really resonates with anyone. Even the most experienced expats might only know the place by name, at best. They certainly won’t be familiar with the terrain. Sadly, for the most part, there really isn’t that much to talk about. Deeply conservative, small and lacking in aesthetics, Masan doesn’t really...
Spotlight: Illustrator Matt Ferguson

Spotlight: Illustrator Matt Ferguson

Matt Ferguson is an artist who favours the field of illustration. Having lived in Korea since December 2010 he’s heading to Sapporo soon, so we jumped at the chance to display some of the work he has created and exhibited while living in Masan, near Busan. A graduate from Kingston University, Matt received a BA...