It’s cold, isn’t it? Still, we all know that doesn’t mean anything here in Korea. It’s always someone’s birthday or leaving party so we have to go out, right?  Here’s another week of what’s going on.

Cosmos Musicians Day – Wednesday

A live jam session will show artists unveil their special talent in a setting we’re not overly used to. Held at one of our favorite venues, Platoon, Kunsthalle, Cosmos Musicians Day is promoting unity so the audience can get together with featured Korean artists from some of the most reputable musical instrument brands. This will allow some of the biggest fans to see some great musicians in an environment that they are unlikely to experience in the same way again. Visit here for more details. This event is tonight, so give your TV shows a miss and go out and have some fun.

Rocky Mountain Tavern Battle of the Bands 2011 – HEAT I – Friday

What a great way to start the weekend. It’s round 2 of this Battle of the Bands and four groups will be contending to go through to the finals. We wish them all luck, especially our favourite, The Dirty 30s. For more info on this event see the .

City Rock Party::: Daybreak, Kingston Rudieska, The Koxx -Saturday

City Rock Party is an exciting event for those who want enjoy or want to invest more time in listening to Korean music. Playing are three of the hottest bands in Korea right now, Daybreak, Kingston Rudieska and The Koxx: all fresh from a summer of headlining at rock festivals with great reputations. Kingston Rudieska is a band that’s close to our hearts after dancing to them at several venues this summer, most memorably at Jisan Rock Festival (check out one of their songs here). This is most definitely worth the price of 35-45,000 and if you get your cold feet outside to transfer by the end of tomorrow you can pay a measly 17,500-22,500 won (lowest is standing).  To get a ticket visit interpark (the website is all in Korean).

Hear To Listen Here To Dance::: Residency Party – Saturday

Another night, another Exit party, another good time. This week is a house techno cosmic party brought to you by .  The bar have put their shutters across, so you’ll be sheltered from the cold.  Here’s the Facebook  if you want to know more.

Movember Itaewon Pub Crawl – Saturday

You must have noticed the increase in moustache owners recently? Let’s go and celebrate their manly ways at the Movember Itaewon Pub Crawl while drinking a lot of pints.  There are several bars including RMT, Wolfhound and Phillies that are offering special drink offers for moustache owners. No moustache? Fear not, you can buy one for 10,000 won at one of the bars  – that includes you ladies. All proceeds go to a great cause: For more details on the event, see .

Movember Stache Bash w/ Studs Lonigan Experience, The Rub and DMZ Picnic – Saturday

It’s called Movember for a reason – more moustaches. Freebird are hosting a tash competition, stating the following:

The end of Movember is rapidly approaching, and we want to see what you’ve got! Come out to club Freebird sporting your best moustache, whether it’s real, fake, bushy or thin, and dance to some of Seoul’s finest indie bands.

The night is sure to be a great one with DJs, drink offers and made even better by the winner getting themselves and their moustache a free keg. Yes, a whole free keg. Check  for more info.

What a week. No rest for the wicked.  If you have any more events for us, send them through to .