“Hey, you going to Freebird for ‘s gig tonight?” was probably the most asked question in Seoul on Saturday night. As we approached the venue, Koreans to our left lined up for Cocoon, and meaty bros lined up to our right for Papa Gorilla’s.  We knew we were creeping closer and closer to Freebird as we saw a slew of people congregated together, smashing cans of beer and bottles of soju outside the entrance.

Bodies drenched with sweat, beverages spilled everywhere and visuals projected onto Loose Union‘s white screen next to the stage, Freebird was pumping as we all danced to songs played by local supporting acts Trampauline, Vidulgi ooyoO, Used Cassettes and Juck Juck Grunzie. When it was finally time for Wagwak to perform everyone bum rushed to the front only to find that Daehyun, singer and guitarist, was actually in the middle of the crowd getting everyone amped up to start the show.

Wagwak, Korea’s favorite indie folk band, played some old favorites and every song off their new EP The Way To Drive into the Arabian Sunset. A personal favorite from their EP is ‘The Ways’, which they played second to last. Sounding a tinge like Wu Lyf, it’s the perfect song to the soundtrack of pure adventure and aimless drives down empty highways.

We love Wagwak. Why? These guys aren’t only amazing musicians that have brought a new flavor to the local music scene, they’re just sweet, humble guys who live and breathe music. They don’t just play for fans, they play for their friends. A half-naked guy standing on the speakers, piss-drunk folks singing along at the front of the stage and everyone just clapping along, as Daehyun would say, “you are our friends!”

You can buy Wagwak’s music on Bandcamp or you can take a peek at a music video they collaborated on with Loose Union, filmed in a traditional Korean hanok.

Words and pictures by Brittney Wilson and Rina Kim (above).  For an ace interview they did with Daehyun last week check this out.  

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