Daily archive Sep 11, 2012

Return of the Myeongdong Dance Night

If the measure of success for the revival of a dance night is gauged by the energy and crowd retention, then the newest chapter in the Myeongdong dance night was an epic success. Although it seemed to start off a little stagnant in the energy department, there was no shortage of spectators. Most of the...

Korea Burn

It’s difficult to put into words how astronomically fun Korea Burn was, but these pictures should give you the right idea. Video coming soon. Photography by Matthew Stroud. Check out the rest of his snaps from the festival and make sure you ‘like’ his page on Facebook.

A Match Made in Hand Clapping Heaven

When Powwow announced the addition of the Thursday Concert Series to its creative space line-up, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Original music would still be accessible in Seoul. And better yet, we didn’t have to wait until Friday to watch it. And then Powwow added Canada’s PS I LOVE YOU as the kickstarter...