So you’re battered, bruised and sunburnt from festival season. You spent all your money at Jisan, lost your iPhone at Pentaport, and for some reason you thought it would be a good idea to exchange your tent at Burning Man in return for having your face painted like a tiger. You poor body may feel used and abused, but there’s one very good reason that you shouldn’t give up yet. In the words of Sean Bean – winter is coming. The days of being perched next to the Han drinking makgeolli, or sat outside 711 hanging with the local ajeossi, are drawing to a close. Fortunately for you the Global Gathering crew are set to force-feed you enough beats to keep your feet tapping through to March. This is a video from last year, a preview of what to expect.

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Regardless of the line-up you can count on Global Gathering to supply you with 2 continuous days of unstoppable beats. However, not content to rest on their laurels, GGK are bringing you one of the best line ups since SEMF way back in January. Aside from the vast number of local DJs, and winner of Chincha’s best-named-on-the-global-gathering-line-up-award Lad Monkeys, highlights include big name headliner David Guetta, electronic music titans Orbital, dance punk pioneers Bloody Beetroots, Hospital Records’ shockingly pun-able act London Elektricity (I’m sorry) and of course perennial festival favourites Idiotape.

Day tickets are 110,000 of your finest wons, and right now weekend tickets are 154,000. After 4th October the weekend tickets will rise to 165,000 won. Of course you can always lay down 3 million won for their top-tier VIP package if you’re feeling fancy.

Top Chincha tip for the festival would be to get yourself to Orbital’s stage on Friday night and refuse to move for the rest of the weekend. The chances you will get to see this level of titanic, electronic royalty in Korea will be few and far between. And don’t forget to send us your pictures from the festival for a chance at getting them featured on Chincha and maybe even a virtual pat on the back! You can send your pictures to us through the interwebs by tagging them with #chincha on Instagram or Twitter.

Date: October 5th – 6th.

Venue: Caribbean Bay (this one, not the one with all the pirates).

Buy Tickets in English on the official Global Gathering website.

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Images courtesy of Global Gathering.

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