are a Sardinian punk rock band who are coming to Korea this week(end) as part of their Asian tour. Having released their recent EP, Happy Charlie, Thee Oops are looking to wow hardcore fans in Korea with their fast and furious brand of music in Daegu, Jeonju, Seoul and Busan.

Chincha: Who are you?

Thee Oops: We are THEE OOPS!

C: How did you get into 80′s punk and what made you decide to start your own band?

TO: We were really bored at home, watching Sky Sport 24, so we started writing a few songs… we went to the practice space and after a couple of sessions we had them down and really liked them. We play in other bands, other styles, but have always wanted to play hardcore punk because we’ve been listening to it since we were teenagers.

C: What kind of reactions to you get from the audience with punk rock music?

TO: Two types: either frozen and confused, watching us closely, or pogoing like crazy. Really depends on the place we’re playing. We really like flying kicks and fists in the air. The crowds in China were like dead fish (except for Beijing). We’re curious to see the reaction in Korea.

C: Which country’s audiences have been the best?

TO: Korea’s, we hope! It really depends on the club, on the weather, but mostly on the individuals in the audience. Anyway, we haven’t played all over the world, only in Europe, so we can’t really say.

C: Do you get stereotyped at all for being Italian?

TO: Everyone seems a bit worried about whether or not we like their food, and there are some comments about Berlusconi. And about the mafia (same thing..). Ah, we had some weird questions from an American blog, asking about hairy women. Coddati Tim Baker. Anyway, we’re Sardinian. Next question?

C: Are you excited to be playing in Asia? Have you played here before?

TO: We’ve only played in Europe before this tour, and we’re really excited, every morning we wake up with our dicks standing up straight. We want to create a new race of superior humans — the perfect race — of Asian-Sardinians.

C: How do you feel about fans’ reactions to your Taste of Zimbabwe LP. Do you think the new record will be as successful?

TO: The reaction to Taste of Zimbabwe was great, we hope people like Happy Charlie too. It has a different sound, because we recorded it at a friend’s house in the country in one night, while ToZ was recorded in a studio.

Is that the last question? We’re on the boat to Korea now, listening to a Korean pop CD on repeat, so our answers might be more soft and touching than normal. But the beer is good, much better than the weak Chinese beer.

Thee Oops will be playing the following dates in Korea as part of their Asia tour.

Wed. 14 Daegu, S. Korea – Club Horus
Thu. 15 Jeonju, S. Korea – Club Radiostar,

Sun. 18 Busan – Vinyl Underground

Fore more information about Thee Oops visit .

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