Dragon Hill Spa in Yongsan is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. Spread out over seven floors, not only does it have the regular jimjilbang offerings, it also has a film room, member’s fitness club outdoor spa area, roof terrace, nail bar, and most impressively, an outdoor swimming pool.

Before exploring, head to the baths. There are 12 baths in the women’s sauna, including a ginseng bath and a Japanese hinoki bath. The usual sauna rooms and massages are also available. After relaxing your stresses away, you can put your pyjamas on and head to one of the rest areas for more relaxing. Surrounding the main resting/ sleeping rooms are several themed jimjilbangs, an ice room, a snack bar and the nail bar. The rest areas are the perfect places to read a book, chat to friends, take a nap or watch (Korean) TV.

If these options do not appeal, the bar area overlooks the roof terrace and you can enjoy a beer out in the open in your pajamas (perhaps best reserved for 2013, when winter disappears. Food can also be purchased from the bar, as well as from the cafeteria, the snack bar, and the restaurant.

For an alternative outdoor location, head down to the pool area. The pool is pretty busy and full of kids during the day, but it is still nice to relax poolside and it usually empties out after around 7pm. After that, the pool can be yours for the next 5 hours until it shuts at midnight. Beach towel and even swimsuit rental is available, just ask at the desk inside the women’s or men’s saunas.

For those looking for other forms of entertainment, visitors have the option of visiting the arcade on the first floor, or the golf room in the basement. The basement also has a PC room which is located next to the film room. Films are screened at 3pm and 7pm on Sundays (Korean only).

Entrance is 12,000 won and will allow you to stay for 12 hours. Every hour after that will be charged at a rate of 1,000 won per hour. The spa is open 24 hours a day 365 days per year. It’s a great place to spend a Sunday but it’s best to arrive after a sleep at home. Saturday nights get incredibly crowded and those arriving in the early hours of the morning for a good night sleep after a hard night out will be disappointed. Most of the hungover disappear in the early to late morning and are replaced by people looking for daytime relaxation. Join them!

Directions and more info on Dragon Hill can be found on Visit Korea’s website.

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Written and photographed by Emma Sparkes. Follow her on .