Techno fans! Our friends over at are bringing Black Asteroid – who began his career in music as a sound designer for Prince – to Quadro this Thursday night. The NY DJ started crafting his style of techno in early 2011 with the release of his debut ‘The Engine EP’, which

Zach H from Seoul party-starters took a hot minute to ask Bryan Black (aka Black Asteroid) how his year was, where he’s headed next, and what he’s looking forward to in Seoul.

Zach H: Where is the Asteroid coming from, and where is it headed?

Black Asteroid: The asteroid came from a dark place but is now a very positive thing, travelling the world non-stop.

The Asteroid is also Black, of course. Via your live shows, affiliations with parties like CVLT, album art and etc., it’s clear that you’ve purposefully cultivated a specific kind of aesthetic. How do visuals and other media relate to music in the Black Asteroid universe?

For me the art and packaging of the music is almost as important as the music. As a fan of music, I really appreciate when the complete package is executed well. Before Black Asteroid, I was a graphic designer and I also work in fashion, so these elements always come into the equation.

You worked with Prince early in your career, another man who certainly has his own particular aesthetic. I’d like to flip the direction this question normally goes: In what ways did you influence Prince and therefore secretly alter the landscape of American pop music as we know it?

Well I think he hired me because I was using samplers and making crazy sounds with synths, etc. I say this because he hired me the day after watching my first band, haloblack, perform in Minneapolis. He was probably looking to add an edge to his music. Unfortunately it never really happened. He lost the edge when he got religious and stopped writing songs about sex.

What’s your favorite track that you’ve ever produced?

“Ice” by Motor.

Word has it a Black Acid remix release is in the pipeline. Who’s reworking the tracks? Anyone you are particularly excited about?

Perc contributed a remix, which is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Some other surprise remixes also. I think it’s coming out the first week of February.

Let’s play word association. Respond to each of these as succinctly as possible.

Genre: Techno

Sunglasses: Rick Owens

Bass: Analog

Seoul: Spicy

EDM: Boring

Anything particular you are looking forward to in Seoul?

Soju, squid, and playing techno for sexy boys and girls.

Since you’re helping kick out 2012 here, care to leave us with a few tracks or albums that have made an impact on you over this past year?

Pinion – EP on Perc Trax
Monoloc – Shame
Motor – Pleasure in Heaven (Drumcell remix)
Shifted LP on Mote Evolver
Forward Strategy Group LP on Perc Trax
Mondkopf – Ease Your Pain
Death in Vegas – Trans-Love Energies LP

Black Asteroid is at Quadro in Hongdae on Thursday 27th December 2012.  for more info on the night. to give Silk/Juice some love.