Wearing the same clothes as your partner is a trend embraced by some couples in South Korea. It always raises a slight smile – or even a smirk – from people witnessing the phenomenon for the first time. Opinions on it are usually divided, with some people seeing symbiotic style as being immensely cute while others judge it as odd (or just tacky).

Blogger and photographer Janna Gibson, on the other hand, finds it fascinating, and has started a blog called ‘Couple Story’ documenting the matching pairs she comes across on her wanderings around Korea. Here are our favourite images from , which are all photographed and published online with permission from the couple in question.

Couples at Jongno 3 Ga Station, SeoulA flattered, happy couple at Bukchon-dong, SeoulA street artist couple hanging out at Ccott Dang in HannamBoston! A cute couple in Samcheon-dong

A smiling high school couple in Ulsan Grand Park, submitted by Melissa

Pop art t-shirt wearing couple at Hangang Park, SeoulA high-school couple waiting for the bus at Yongsan Station


Happy to share their love and lock at Seoul N. Tower

A sweet couple in Seoul

Haeundae Beach, Busan

Cute lions at Haeundae Beach, Busan

An older couple story in Seoul

Ulsan Grand Park, Ulsan

Dawangan Forest, Ulsan

Which couple look is your favourite??

Images republished with permission from Janna Gibson. Take a for more ‘Couple Stories’. Or submit your own!

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