Seoul Urban Art Project: Frenemy and Joni's 'The Idea'

Seoul Urban Art Project: Frenemy and Joni’s ‘The Idea’

Illustrator Kristopher Kotcher, aka Frenemy, and videographer Joni Els, both members of the Seoul Urban Art crew, worked together to create this unique, clever and amusing stop-motion animation. Set 5 minutes aside today and indulge in some inspiring digital art which will leave you wondering where you put those pencils and that film camera. See...
One Day on Earth 12.12.12

One Day on Earth 12.12.12

Tomorrow is 12.12.12 and the @Onedayonearth documentary film team is asking people in Korea, along with every other country in the world, to contribute to the third global collaborative film in their series. Check out their participation trailer below (or on their website) and visit the site to join the world wide team of artists,...
Chincha Films...Seoul's First Retro Roller Boogie Night

Chincha Films…Seoul’s First Retro Roller Boogie Night

We chatted to Dambi Kim from Project Outings, a Seoul dance music blog, about her collaboration with the YMEA (Young Men’s Electronic Association) on Seoul’s first retro roller boogie night. The initial party was awesome, with vintage roller skating, old-school music, fruit punch cocktail, retro visuals, and some utterly fabulous 70’s and 80’s style costumes....
Indie Music Project At The Love Shop

Indie Music Project At The Love Shop

Representing “the interesting possibilities that can exist in Seoul”, four members of different (past and present) Korea-based bands combined to form Love Shop, a one -off musical collaboration between Mineri, On Sparrow Hills, Northern Sound and Table People. The actual record will be released soon; this video is an off-the-cuff pre-cursor. Enjoy. Loose Union, the...
Chincha Films...Aweh Block Party

Chincha Films…Aweh Block Party

For edition number four of our Chincha films event review series we asked our filmmakers to shoot the Aweh Block Party (under Zandari Festa), which involved a garage party thrown by yours truly. The filmmakers interviewed us, an event attendee, multi-disciplinary artist Cora Kobischka, and Shins (Mike Hampton), a UK garage/ house/ bass DJ who...
Chincha Films...The Creators Project Seoul

Chincha Films…The Creators Project Seoul

Here’s another addition to our Chincha Films series of event reviews, featuring interviews with Hosi Simon, Global Mananger of VICE magazine, and David Haroldsen, Creative Director of Intel-sponsored event series The Creators Project. We also interviewed the electro rock band IDIOTAPE, who headlined the concert, and lovely event attendee Kim Hyuna. Filming of The Creators...
Chincha Films...Korea Burn

Chincha Films…Korea Burn

This is the second in our series of ‘Chincha Films…’ and it’s even better than the first. It encapsulates Korea Burn perfectly, which really was a whirlwind of colours, beautiful people and crazy costumes. The positive atmosphere was contagious and everyone we spoke to seemed to be having an incredible time. Can’t wait for next...
Hongdae Playground

Hongdae Playground

Here’s a short Indieframe, Loose Union and Aweh documentary following the trials and tribulations of Seoul-based band Used Cassettes’ on a trip to play Sunset Janghang festival back in July. Love the shots of the band performing on the train and the drenched audience rocking out in their plastic macs. Images: Indieframe