In response to alternative music advocators SuperColorSuper’s announcement that they were quitting the organisation of international gigs in Korea, videographers Indie Frame released a five-minute film giving a behind-the-scenes insight into the collective and its staff.

The video, which features supportive words from Asobi Seksu, Mount Eerie, and Brad from Caribou, footage from last year’s Super Sketch, as well as shots of the recent P.g lost and No Age gigs, is a precursor to a feature-length documentary about SCS that Indie Frame are currently working on.  They released the preview in order to encourage support for SuperColorSuper from interested labels, bands and venues.

According to the head of the SCS team, Sean Patrick Maylone, Indie Frame’s motive has paid off somewhat.  He says, “Since the release of the documentary and our announcement of maybe closing, there has been a lot of support by donors, staff, bands and companies leaning in to help out. We are reforming the way the collective works.”  Not that this means international gigs will be resuming.  He also told us: “It is unclear yet if we will do any more international gigs. Obviously we’d like to but all of this is nearly impossible, which is why there aren’t other groups doing this kind of thing.”  Sean also wants to encourage the sharing of the film so that people realise that the underground music scene in Seoul is fragile and needs continuous backing from fans.

Even though the future is hazy for SuperColorSuper in terms of bringing foreign bands to Korea, they still have many other worthwhile projects on the horizon.  The group will be focusing on established projects such as Super Sketch, Round Robin and G’OLD Parties, as well as some brand new ideas – including an innovative sensory deprivation seated concert (a gig in total darkness) and a tour circuit around Korea for homegrown bands.

As soon as any of these events are confirmed, we’ll be writing about them.  In the meantime, watch the video and feel inspired to go see some live music in Seoul this weekend.

Images: Stills from Indie Frame’s video.

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