This year has been immense! This is a list our favourite events, moments and articles from the last 12 months.

We started 2012 off with a bang, reviewing the Crystal Castles and Justice gig at Seoul Electronic Music Festival before settling down to hibernate as much as possible throughout freezing JANUARY.

In FEBRUARY it was all about comfort eating so we made our first ever batch mandu (Chinese-style dumplings). Unfortunately they ended up looking like baby elephant heads. For the launch of our blogger series we carried on with the foodie theme by interviewing freelance culinary writer Meagan from MEAGAN.IN, who recently appeared in expat TV series Semipermanent’s food episode.

Our first visit to a VLUF party, the hugely popular warehouse rave in Daerim, happened in MARCH. After drinking far too much at the event we swore we would take more care of ourselves a little more so got some tips on healthy eating – vegan style – from Korea-based blogger, entrepreneur and baker Mipa Lee from Alien’s Day Out.

Chinchagram, our monthly photography contest, was launched with a spring theme in APRIL. Then we met American electro artist Pictureplane at his Exit bar gig, and interviewed Korea-based photographer Dayv Mattt about shooting on the streets of Seoul.


In MAY we went to Inkbomb Tattoo Convention and learned how tattooing is technically illegal in Korea. We interviewed the bloggers from the brilliant Seoul Sub–>urban subway documentation project and photographed the incredibly gorgeous annual Buddhist Lotus Lantern Parade in Jongno.

Korea’s Queer Culture Festival came around in JUNE so we spent some time exploring attitudes towards homosexuality in the country, learning 10 things we didn’t know about being queer in Korea and joining in with the Seoul festivities like the very exuberant dog below.

In JULY we said goodbye to our good friends from folk indie band Wagwak at their last gig in Korea and shot some street style pictures in Sinsa and Myeongdong. We went to mudfest, reluctantly, and got scrubbed down in a jimjilbang before reporting on 10 koreany things to show your friends when they visit.

We wrote about how we were unimpressed with Jisan Valley Rock Festival in AUGUST, the biggest indie music show on the peninsula, as well as how we really enjoyed psytrance fest Innertrip - even though the weather was awful. We also shot our first ever Chincha film (!!!!!!) at the summer version of the regular Seoul Future Shorts Film Festival.

The article that launched us into SEPTEMBER was a picture review of a body art festival in Daegu full of of naked, painted ladies. We headed all the way down to Gijipo Beach on the west coast to photograph and film the best festival of the year, Korea Burn, which also featured lots of naked, painted ladies. Later on in the month we covered VICE magazine’s Creators Project event, introducing the organisers on camera and meeting awesome electro performers Idiotape before interviewing LA DJ Nosaj Thing.

OCTOBER was all about our first ever Chincha party, which was massively fun thanks to a silly photobooth and amazing music from some of Seoul’s best underground DJs. This was also the month we launched our ‘Shot of Soju’ interview series where we have irresponsible fun and a chat with some intriguing individuals living in South Korea. In between this we managed to make it to Seoul Fashion Week, meeting prominent designer Lie Sang Bong at his after-party and catching a few of the shows.

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In NOVEMBER we got to interview Daniel Tudor, Korea’s The Economist correspondent, about what’s coming up for the country, relived our first impressions of Korea through newcomer Mike Stulberg’s photoessay, and filmed Seoul’s first retro roller boogie night.

DECEMBER was pretty quiet since we’ve been gearing up for 2013. We still made it to the ‘horrifyingly beautiful’ Tim Burton exhibition, interviewed model Monika Rofler about freelancing in South Korea, and made art out of dead fish in Itaewon. We also visited new, very cool club Co.l.l.age and chatted with the owner, a well-known Korean sculptor, about his vision for the future of the venue.

Now it’s time to look ahead!

Big thanks to all of Chincha’s contributors, readers and supporters for sticking with us during 2012. Here’s to 2013 <3

Articles referred to were written by Nina, Tor, Julia, Loren, Gary, Chris, Brittney, Rina, Stephanie, Rob, Deva, Emily, Emma, Mike S, Tey-Marie, Sarah and Zach. Thanks to everyone else involved with the site too – there are many more awesome people not mentioned here.

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Images from Linda, Meagan, Loren, Celine, Brittney, Cassie, Rob O, Matt, Mike B (Aweh Block Party film) and Mike S.

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